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Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center Announces New Executive Director, Ameca Reali
New Orleans, LA- Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) announces the appointment of their new Executive Director, Ameca Reali. LaFHAC is a New Orleans based civil rights non-profit dedicated to enforcing the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and ending housing discrimination and segregation across the state of Louisiana. LaFHAC Board President Sarah Omojola […]
Renters Who Blow the Whistle on Slum Conditions Finally Receive Protections that are Standard in Most Other States
NEW ORLEANS—On July 1st, 2023, the first provisions of the New Orleans Healthy Homes Ordinance, championed by public health and housing advocates last fall, will go into effect. The anti-retaliation section of the ordinance ensures that renters who are current on rent and otherwise in compliance with their lease, can ask for repairs and report […]
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Jackson, MS Apartment Owner Settles with DOJ After LaFHAC Investigation
Jackson, MS and New Orleans, LA—Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) announced that a federal court has approved a settlement between LaFHAC testers, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the owners of three apartment complexes, and their property manager in a suburb of Jackson, MS. The suit resulted from a LaFHAC investigation of […]
Healthy Homes Compromise Falls Short, But Includes Important Anti-Retaliation Protection
NEW ORLEANS, LA—Today, the New Orleans City Council passed an amended version of the Healthy Homes Ordinance. Below is the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center’s executive director, Cashauna Hill’s, statement on the passage of the ordinance: “The Healthy Homes Ordinance was intended to be the culmination of more than a decade of advocacy to finally […]
Metairie Apartments Settle Case Alleging Discrimination Against Families with Children
New Orleans, LA—Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) announced the settlement of a fair housing discrimination case against J.M. Property Holdings, LLC; Dr. Thao P. Mai; and their former property manager and agent, Tammy Sponberg. The suit, filed in federal court, alleges that the property manager tore up a couple’s rental application after […]
Louisiana Legislature Passes New Penalties for Landlords Who Illegally Evict
BATON ROUGE—Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) celebrated Louisiana’s 1.4 million renters winning new protections when the State Senate unanimously passed HB 160, by Rep. Mandie Landry. The bill would bring Louisiana in line with most other states that punish landlords who change the locks on tenants, toss out their things, or otherwise […]
New Orleans Joins Growing List of Cities with a Right to Counsel in Eviction Court
NEW ORLEANS—Today, housing advocates and renting families celebrated a major milestone when the New Orleans City Council unanimously passed a Right to Counsel ordinance. The ordinance states that anyone at risk of losing their home in eviction court has a right to an attorney and creates a permanent framework for the program the Council began […]
Court Finds Jerry Kelly Jr. Violated Discrimination Settlement
New Orleans— Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC), represented by LaFHAC attorneys and the Tulane Law School Civil Rights & Federal Practice Clinic, announced a U.S. District Court order enforcing a settlement agreement that prohibits New Orleans landlord Jerry Kelly Jr. from having any contact with tenants for ten years after allegations of […]
Lakeview Apartments Settle Criminal Background Discrimination Complaint; Jefferson Parish Apartments Sued for Similar Offense
New Orleans, LA—Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) announced the resolution of a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) complaint against Sailboat Bay Apartments, its management company, and property manager, alleging that the property used a racially discriminatory blanket ban on renting to anyone with a criminal record. In January of […]
Slidell Landlord Settles Discrimination Case with Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center
New Orleans, LA—Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center announced the settlement of a federal family status and racial discrimination lawsuit against Tall Pines, LLC and their manager and rental agent, Carey Rizzuto, in Slidell, Louisiana. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Rizzuto engaged in a pattern of discrimination against African Americans by lying about whether […]
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