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  • City Councilmembers Extend Ban on Multi-Family Housing
    In a controversial decision, City Councilmembers voted last Thursday to extend a ban on multi-family housing in English Turn for another six months. The interim zoning district passed in 2023 and was set to expire this month, while facing interest from the Department of Justice in a federal lawsuit alleging discriminatory practices. LaFHAC continues to warn City Council that this exclusionary zoning decision raises Fair Housing red flags, and we … Read more
  • 7 Steps Towards More Equitable Criminal Background Screening in Housing
    Inequitable background screenings are a microcosm of the ways the criminal justice system has failed marginalized communities, creating negative feedback loops instead of protecting the communities they were put in place to serve. In America, there is no question that BIPOC face inequality in many forms, including a very prominent history of over-policing by the criminal justice system. From more severe sentences for the same type of crime, to increased … Read more
  • LaFHAC Honors Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement
    This Black History Month, LaFHAC honors heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. ⁠ LaFHAC Commemorates A. Philip Randolph Alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., A. Philip Randolph was one of the principal organizers of the historic 1963 March on Washington, which brought over 200,000 people to Washington to protest segregation and disenfranchisement. Throughout his career, Randolph continued to advocate for fair housing policies and equal opportunities for African Americans. ⁠ … Read more