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  • Nuisance Ordinance: Know Your Rights!
    The Fair Housing Act, though very important, isn’t the only law that protects Louisiana residents in their housing. We’d like to showcase a state law from 2015 that prevents municipalities from enacting “nuisance ordinances”. What are nuisance ordinances? These are local rules that can require landlords to evict all tenants from properties deemed “a nuisance,” which is typically a property that has had emergency services called to it multiple times, […]
  • 3 Women Civil Rights Leaders You May Not Know About
    In honor of Women’s History Month we’d like to honor and commemorate the valiant acts of bold women who fought against segregation and led the struggle for fair housing and civil rights. . Here’s a list of three women activists you may not have heard of, whose service to society played a pivotal role in allowing our organization to do the work we do today. Born in 1923 right here […]
  • These 7 Numbers Show Why Short-term Rentals are Bad for New Orleans Locals, especially Black Neighborhoods
    AT LEAST 75% of Airbnbs operating in New Orleans are ILLEGAL! Because of lax enforcement from the City, this number could be even higher. Instead of providing housing for New Orleanians that are close to jobs and in the neighborhoods where we grew up, bad actor real estate investors sell out entire neighborhoods to get rich off of tourists. There were 4,595 illegally operating short-term rentals in December of 2022–homes […]

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