Our Staff

Cashauna Hill, Executive Director

Cashauna Hill
Executive Director

Read Cashauna’s bio here.

chill [at] lafairhousing.org

Nicarra Allen-Taylor
Mobility Coach

(504) 302-2495

nallentaylor [at] lafairhousing.org

Monique Blossom
Policy Analyst

(504) 208-5040

mblossom [at] lafairhousing.org

Sarah Carthen Watson
Legal Director

(504) 708-5291

scarthenwatson [at] lafairhousing.org

Maxwell Ciardullo 
Director of Policy & Communications

(504) 266-2494
mciardullo [at] lafairhousing.org

Renee Corrigan
Director of Education & Outreach

(504) 717-4050
rcorrigan [at] lafairhousing.org

Giazzlyn Duncan
Director of Housing Counseling

(504) 208-1948
gduncan [at] lafairhousing.org

Silas Eames
Education Coordinator

(504) 708-2109
seames [at] lafairhousing.org

Jodi Hill
Staff Attorney

(504) 766-9056
jhill [at] lafairhousing.org

Eva Kalikoff
Eviction Defense Staff Attorney

(504) 708-2130
ekalikoff [at] lafairhousing.org

Lynarica Keys
Housing Mobility Leasing Coordinator

(504) 218-5866
lkeys [at] lafairhousing.org

Tiffany Lewis
Development Director

(504) 208-5041
tlewis [at] lafairhousing.org

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Michelle Morgan
Coordinator of Investigations

(504) 596-2100 x108
mmorgan [at] lafairhousing.org

Leah Grace O’Brien
Eviction Defense Intake Specialist

(504) 766-9363
lobrien [at] lafairhousing.org

Courtney Paul
Mobility Coach

(504) 208-5070

cpaul [at] lafairhousing.org

Julia Peek
Director of Finance

(504) 208-5050
jpeek [at] lafairhousing.org

Malcolm Phillips
Community Engagement Coordinator

(504) 459-2228
mphillips [at] lafairhousing.org

Brianna Walker
Eviction Defense Staff Attorney

(504) 267-3396
bwalker [at] lafairhousing.org

Our Board

Sarah Omojola
Board Chair

Victoria Adams Phipps

Camille Bryant

Annie Clark

Jeanie Donovan

Michael Dunn

Rosa Gomez-Herrin

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John Hagan

Reuben Thomas