Take Action

Take Action for Healthy Homes

Call your City Councilmember and tell them you support Healthy Homes for all New Orleanians. It only takes three easy steps!

1. Find your district-level City Councilmember here! (if you’re only making one call, please call your district-level Councilmember!)

2. Plan what you’re going to say and make the call!

  • Introduce yourself: tell them your name and where you stay.
  • Tell them you’re calling to support the Healthy Homes Ordinance.
  • If the staff member is not familiar, you can explain that “This ordinance will hold slumlords accountable, and it was recently introduced by Councilmember Morrell.”
  • Tell them why it’s important to you: “This is really important to me because…”
    • I’ve experienced landlords who refuse to make repairs and I think its time the City finally did something to hold slumlords accountable.
    • I’ve seen news reports of people stuck in terrible conditions at apartments and I want the City to take action.
    • I’ve lived near a building owned by an absentee landlord who refused to take care of their property and it was awful because…
    • I know that if we get hit by another storm like Ida, apartments that are already in terrible conditions are going to be destroyed and hundreds of people are going to lose their homes.
    • I’ve always been scared to call 311 or push my landlord for repairs because they can so easily evict us.
    • I am a landlord who takes pride in my rental property, and I think all landlords should be held to the same standards.
    • My neighbors and I take pride in where we live and I’m tired of seeing slumlords profit off of our lax enforcement.
  • Close with a question or statement:
  • Can you tell me if the Councilmember plans to support the Healthy Homes Ordinance? or…
    • I hope that the councilmember will support the Healthy Homes ordinance to protect people like me/my neighborhood.
  • Thank the staffer and leave a phone number if you want a call back.

3. Share this website with a friend. Tell them why you took action!

Help Us Fight NIMBY Opposition to Affordable Housing

Across Louisiana, LaFHAC has documented multiple instances of city and parish councils acquiescing to small groups of mostly white homeowners intent on denying approval to affordable housing developments.