Thank You for a Great Fair Housing Month!
On behalf of everyone at LaFHAC, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who participated in this year’s Fair Housing Month events. Your support truly made this year’s events a resounding success, especially considering the challenges we’ve faced in recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Community Crawfish Boil was a […]
Residential Short-term Rentals Recap
City Councilmembers talked the talk on protecting our neighborhoods from the proliferation of short-term rentals (STRs), addressing the affordable housing crisis, and preventing the destruction of historically Black neighborhoods at their March 23rd meeting. Unfortunately, their votes, with the exception of Councilmembers Green and Thomas, for a last-minute amendment weakened the new law. At that […]
GiveNOLA Day Returns on May 2, 2023!
For almost 30 years, your voice has ensured that people vulnerable to discrimination – such as survivors of domestic violence, formerly incarcerated people, immigrants, and low-income renters – know their rights and have somewhere to go for help. Without you, our work would not be possible. With your support, we will be able to reach […]
for rent sign with houses and front lawns blurred in the background
Honor Fair Housing Month by Becoming a Tester
What better way is there to commemorate the passage of the Fair Housing Act than by participating in the decades long practice of fair housing investigations as a tester? Testers are people in the community who take on the role of a perspective homeowner or renter for the purpose of gathering information to identify unlawful […]
Celebrate Fair Housing Month with LaFHAC
Join us as we commemorate the signing of the Fair Housing Act this month with a series of events meant to build community, educate, and celebrate housing justice! Community Crawfish Boil We’re so excited to announce that LaFHAC is hosting our first Community Crawfish Boil since 2019! We celebrate Fair Housing Month every April to […]
Nuisance Ordinance: Know Your Rights!
The Fair Housing Act, though very important, isn’t the only law that protects Louisiana residents in their housing. We’d like to showcase a state law from 2015 that prevents municipalities from enacting “nuisance ordinances”. What are nuisance ordinances? These are local rules that can require landlords to evict all tenants from properties deemed “a nuisance,” […]
3 Women Civil Rights Leaders You May Not Know About
In honor of Women’s History Month we’d like to honor and commemorate the valiant acts of bold women who fought against segregation and led the struggle for fair housing and civil rights. . Here’s a list of three women activists you may not have heard of, whose service to society played a pivotal role in […]
These 7 Numbers Show Why Short-term Rentals are Bad for New Orleans Locals, especially Black Neighborhoods
AT LEAST 75% of Airbnbs operating in New Orleans are ILLEGAL! Because of lax enforcement from the City, this number could be even higher. Instead of providing housing for New Orleanians that are close to jobs and in the neighborhoods where we grew up, bad actor real estate investors sell out entire neighborhoods to get […]
The Future of our Neighborhoods are Hanging in the Balance as Short-term Rental Motions and Amendments Released
In advance of the first of three meetings this March on the court mandated rewrite of New Orleans short-term rental (STR) laws, Councilmember Leslie Harris released the motion and amendments that are most likely to be the foundation of the City’s residential short-term rental regulations via press release on Tuesday. In the months since the […]
LaFHAC Shares Short-Term Rental Policy Priorities as City Council Rushes to Meet Court Imposed Deadline
In August of 2022, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that New Orleans’ short-term rental (STR) laws were unconstitutional. By determining who can obtain an STR license based on a homestead exemption, or proof of ownership and occupancy of a single residence, the court ruled New Orleans’ laws in violation of the Constitution’s Commerce […]