Maxwell Ciardullo
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Jackson, MS Apartment Owner Settles with DOJ After LaFHAC Investigation
Jackson, MS and New Orleans, LA—Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) announced that a federal court has approved a settlement between LaFHAC testers, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the owners of three apartment complexes, and their property manager in a suburb of Jackson, MS. The suit resulted from a LaFHAC investigation of […]
Healthy Homes Compromise Falls Short, But Includes Important Anti-Retaliation Protection
NEW ORLEANS, LA—Today, the New Orleans City Council passed an amended version of the Healthy Homes Ordinance. Below is the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center’s executive director, Cashauna Hill’s, statement on the passage of the ordinance: “The Healthy Homes Ordinance was intended to be the culmination of more than a decade of advocacy to finally […]
Louisiana Legislature Passes New Penalties for Landlords Who Illegally Evict
BATON ROUGE—Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center (LaFHAC) celebrated Louisiana’s 1.4 million renters winning new protections when the State Senate unanimously passed HB 160, by Rep. Mandie Landry. The bill would bring Louisiana in line with most other states that punish landlords who change the locks on tenants, toss out their things, or otherwise […]
New Report Shows White-Led Neighborhood Groups Perpetuate Segregation
NEW ORLEANS—Today, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center released its new report, Delayed Until Downsized or Denied: Neighborhood Associations Lead the Charge Against Affordable Housing and Perpetuate Segregation in New Orleans. The report chronicles how New Orleans elected officials regularly grant unrepresentative, mostly-white neighborhood associations significant power over land use decisions. Since Hurricane Katrina, those […]
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Rents Soar, but New Orleans Rentals Still Neglected
New Orleans—New Orleans rentals are still plagued by major health and safety issues, according to Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center analysis of new U.S. Census data released this month. The recently released American Housing Survey data shows that in 2015, close to 5,000 rental homes had major problems, including: lack of electricity, broken […]