Address Locator Tool

Clients and property owners can use this page to identify if a property is in an Opportunity Area and the highest amount the Housing Authority can pay for a unit in that area* by voucher size. 


Step 1: Enter the property address into the search bar in the top right corner of the map.

Step 2: Click on around the circle that pinpoints the address. A text box will appear with a second page that lists the neighborhood the unit is in, the payment tier, and the Opportunity Area designation.**

Step 3: If the unit is in an Opportunity Area, select a voucher size from the drop-down menu and the number of bedrooms the unit has. The estimated top rent amount for that tier will populate.

To find the map legend and local amenities – such as Evacuspots, Hospitals, and Grocery or Convenience Stores – click on the Legend and Amenities icons in the top left corner of the map.

**Areas highlighted in green are Opportunity Areas

*Families with income can afford higher rental amounts. The numbers displayed in the table are for clients with $0 income using average utility allowances. If you think the utilities for the unit might be higher than average, the top rent the family can afford will be lower.

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