Why Is The 2020 Census Important During This Covid-19 Pandemic?

The U.S. Census is more than just a head count – it determines how our legislative districts are drawn, voting power in our communities, and how $675 billion in federal dollars will be allocated and invested. 

During this unprecedented time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed… but through these simple actions, you’ll impact your community in a critical way. Remember, the census will determine our access to resources and community funding for the next 10 years.

When people go uncounted, resources are unfairly distributed and stretched thin in communities left out of the census. Data collected in the census helps support each state’s emergency planning and response and is also used to allocate community funding — both critical in handling future crises when federal assistance falls short. Better data will lead to better emergency response. 

So #BeInThatNumber this year for a #FairRecovery in Louisiana.

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