Two New Renter Protections Pass in the Legislature!

Thanks to your help, we forced big business lobby groups to the table to negotiate with us, and collectively, we were able to pass two bills to protect renters during this legislative session. The first, HB 375 by Rep. Aimee Adatto Freeman, will ensure survivors of sexual assault can end their leases early and without penalty so they don’t have to re-live their assault or feel unsafe in their home. The second, HB 374 by Rep. Royce Duplessis, will allow renters to offer an explanation about a pandemic-related eviction when they apply for housing, and will require landlords to tell tenants about their screening requirements before charging an application fee. These bills never would have made it out of committee without the brave testimonies of LSU students, moms like Arielle Butler, and emails and phone calls from people like you.

Back in April, we also told you about a handful of other bills we were tracking this session:

HB 282 which would have ensured our state housing laws protect LGBTQ people failed on a party-line vote, but received a lot of coverage. We’ll be back to try again next year and will need your support!

We helped defeat three out of four bills filed to discriminate against trans young people. The Governor has promised to veto the fourth, but it may be overridden. Follow Louisiana Trans Advocates for updates and action alerts.

Rep. Mandie Landry also advanced HB 241 out of committee, over the objections of the landlord lobby. It would create a pilot program in New Orleans to ensure more people have access to an attorney in eviction court. Stay tuned for more information about how we can ensure no one is without representation when their home is on the line.

Posted by Malcolm Phillipson 06/11/2021and categorized as Blog, Press Releases, Uncategorized