The Ballot of YES on November 16th!

On election day—November 16th—New Orleans voters have the opportunity to invest in housing and protect our community from discrimination. 

Passing the Infrastructure and Housing Bond would help the City of New Orleans fund important public improvement needs like drainage and storm-water management to avoid future catastrophes like cars clogging drains and flash floods. In a first for the city, $25 million of the bond will also be set aside for the construction and rehab of housing affordable to our community. Importantly, this is a way to fund infrastructure and affordable housing without raising taxes. Housing is scare and we need to push policy makers to create more opportunities for our communities to have housing and thrive.  

Another proposition on the ballot proposition will require an additional tax on short-term rentals, like Airbnbs, which would raise funds for infrastructure improvements in New Orleans. GNOFHAC has worked previously on the issues surrounding the flood of Airbnbs that have further gentrified historical New Orleans neighborhoods and pushing out New Orleanians from their homes. This ballot proposition could help existing rules to regulate the spread of short-term rentals throughout the city.

Lastly, voters will also have the opportunity to approve a Human Rights Commission for the City of New Orleans to protect residents from discrimination. With a Human Rights Commission, victims of discrimination are able to pursue justice through a process that can be quicker, more accessible, and more affordable than hiring a lawyer and going to court. Other cities across the U.S. have these mechanisms, which could serve as models for New Orleans’s commission. This Human Rights Commission’s work would complement what GNOFHAC already provides to Louisianans. 

GNOFHAC understands how confusing and expensive it can be to seek legal help, which is why we offer free legal services to anyone who experiences housing discrimination and are available to answer related questions by phone. If you feel you have been discriminated against by a housing provider, contact us at (504) 596-2100.       

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