Tell HUD & The State of Louisiana to Fix the Discriminatory Road Home Program!

In 2008, the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC) filed a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana and HUD because the design of the Road Home program, the program designed to help people recover from Hurricane Katrina, is inherently racially discriminatory. A few weeks ago GNOFHAC was engaged in promising settlement talks with Louisiana and HUD, but now that a federal appellate court has lifted an injunction against them they have walked away from settlement negotiations. Last week, Louisiana announced an Action Plan Amendment designed to address some of our concerns, but it just won’t provide enough resources to fix the problem.We’ve all had a difficult road home after Katrina.  In fact many of the people we represent still aren’t back in their homes. And for many of us the discriminatory effect of the Road Home Program made it even more difficult.

Sign our petition telling HUD and Louisiana officials to come back to the settlement table and finish hammering out a solution that helps homeowners who were hurt by the discriminatory design but who haven’t yet been helped.

Sign the petition here.

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