Summer Festival Box Benefitting LaFHAC

Here is an opportunity to pick up dinner and support fair housing!

We are excited and honored to announce our partnership with Good Trouble Network. Good Trouble Network is a coalition of hospitality workers in New Orleans that hosts monthly fundraisers for local social justice and human rights organizations. 

Through June 20, you can place an order at the Good Trouble Network website, to support LaFHAC’s work to end housing segregation in our state.  Order your box today!  Please note: our friends at Good Trouble Network are very passionate about equity, and the language on their website will reflect that.  

Thank you for your partnership!


Cashauna Hill

Executive Director

P.S . If you want to go a step further for the fight for racial and economic justice, please forward this email to a friend or five and encourage them to help order delicious food, all while helping LaFHAC.

Posted by Malcolm Phillipson 06/16/2021and categorized as Blog, Press Releases, Uncategorized