Let’s Protect Families From Housing Discrimination

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) protects people from discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability and family status. What exactly does the law mean by “family status?” Family status refers to having children under the age of 18 living with you (or who you are in the process of gaining custody of). For example, if a landlord refuses to rent to you because you are pregnant or because you have children, this could qualify as discrimination under the FHA. 

Here are some other common discriminatory statements related to family status*: 

“We don’t rent to families with children.”

“Boys and girls can’t share a room.”

“Each child must have their own bedroom.”

“This neighborhood has a lot of retirees. You might be happier in an area with more kids.”

“Families with kids must rent first floor units.”

“Adults preferred.”

“Families with kids may only rent in buildings near the playground.”

If you think you have experienced family status discrimination, contact us at (877) 445-2100 or (504) 596-2100 for free legal help. 

*Some examples taken from The Fair Housing Project (North Carolina)

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