Legislative Session Wins for Renters

This year, LaFHAC has been working hard to pass bills to protect housing rights during Louisiana’s legislative session.  In case you missed it, we announced two big wins earlier this summer: HB 374 and HB 375.

HB 374 will give renters with an eviction record the opportunity to provide context through a hardship statement if the eviction occurred as the result of a disaster, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or a hurricane. It also requires landlords to disclose whether they consider eviction records, criminal records, employment history, or credit scores before charging an application fee.

HB 375 protects sexual assault survivors.  Under this new law, survivors will be able to terminate their lease if the assault occurred after lease signing. This gives survivors the opportunity to heal in a home that is safest for them.

For more information on each of these bills please follow the links below:

HB 374

HB 375

Posted by Malcolm Phillipson 07/28/2021and categorized as Blog, Press Releases, Uncategorized