Join Us in Combating Housing Discrimination: Become a Tester Volunteer

Are you passionate about fighting injustice and promoting fair housing? We need your help! We rely on dedicated volunteers to serve as testers for investigations into poperties suspected of engaging in discriminatry practices.

To conduct quick and efficient test investigations, we need a diverse pool of tester volunteers covering a wide range of demographics.
Conducting tests has been an invaluable practice for decades, helping to root out housing discrimination across the nation. Testers have been instrumental in identifying and addressing discriminatory behaviors, leading to significant legal and policy changes that protect the rights of all individuals seeking housing.

By becoming a tester, you will join a long legacy of individuals committed to justice and equality. Your efforts will contribute to a fairer housing market and ensure that everyone has equal access to housing opportunities.

Interested in becoming a tester? Learn more with the link below!

Posted by Malcolm Phillipson 05/19/2024and categorized as Blog, Press Releases, Uncategorized