Help for Homeowners Impacted by Hurricane Ida

Many families across Southeast Louisiana are beginning the very difficult recovery and rebuilding process after Ida. Our Homeownership Protection Program has put together the following checklist and other key resources for homeowners. We’ll be posting additional resources and updates as they become available to help you navigate this process. If you’re worried you may be facing foreclosure or if you’re having trouble with your lender or insurance company, you can reach out to us at (504) 596-2100.

Checklist for homeowners impacted by Hurricane Ida

  • Register for available federal or state disaster assistance here:
  • Keep all receipts of expenses incurred as a result of the natural disaster. Verifiable expenses may be reimbursable through your homeowner’s insurance policy; receipts will likely be required to validate expenses.
  • Contact your homeowners and/or flood insurance companies to report any damages. Be sure to take photos of damages, including the inside of closets and cabinets as proof of contents and damages.
  • Contact your other creditors if needed. Creditors often allow grace periods or repayment plans for borrowers affected by natural disasters. Contact creditors immediately to find out your options.
  • Contact utility companies. Like creditors, utility companies may offer extended grace periods for residents who have experienced damage to their properties, whether they are inhabitable or habitable.
  • Contact your lender. Depending on the type of mortgage, payment options, such as disaster forbearances, may be available for homeowners affected by natural disasters. Contact your servicer immediately to discuss your options. This article has some helpful information:

Additional Resources:

Operation Blue Roof:

Report Disaster Fraud:

Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Network:

Louisiana Department of Insurance:

Disaster Distress:

How to Appeal a FEMA Decision:

FEMA Disaster Recovery Center Locator:

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