Local Policy Priorities

New Orleans

Defend Affordable Housing Against NIMBY Opposition

  • There is broad and deep support for ensuring all our neighborhoods stay affordable so that New Orleanians aren’t pushed out, but small, vocal groups of neighbors often derail new affordable housing developments.
  • Neighborhood associations often lead this charge at the City Planning Commission and City Council, but their boards are disproportionately white, wealthy, and majority homeowner, while our city is majority Black, working class, and renters.
  • Councilmembers should defend affordable housing developments against Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) opposition and ask any neighborhood associations that come before the Council to make public the demographics of their board members.

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Make Permanent a Right to Counsel in Eviction Court

  • Thanks to the New Orleans City Council and Mayor, no one will be in court at risk of losing their home without access to an attorney, but this is only guaranteed through 2022.
  • The Mayor and City Council should pass a Right to Counsel ordinance, setting rules for the program and guaranteeing its continuation year after year.
  • In a majority-Black, majority-renter, and majority low-income city with a growing housing crisis like ours, this investment should not be at risk of disappearing in 2023 or at the whims of city leadership.

Ensure Dignity and Safety in New Orleans Rental Housing

  • The majority of New Orleanians live in rental housing, which is not currently held to any minimum standard of health and safety. Renters who seek repairs have no protection against retaliatory evictions.
  • Our lack of regulations leaves families’ health at risk, jeopardizes children’s school achievement, and allows slumlords to negatively impact entire neighborhoods.
  • Anti-retaliation protections are standard in most other states and proactive inspection systems dramatically increase quality of life for homeowners and renters.
  • The City Council should pass anti-retaliation protections for renters and create a Healthy Homes program that includes regular inspections of rental properties to ensure that they meet basic health and safety standards.