Fair Housing Legislative Updates

The Louisiana Legislature is in full swing. Several bills may help Louisianans stay in our homes—whether we rent or own—even as prices climb.

1) Senate bills 79 and 80 by Sen. Troy Carter will allow the City of New Orleans to reduce taxes on long-time, lower-income homeowners to ensure we aren’t gentrified out of our homes by skyrocketing tax assessments. It can also be used to offer incentives to landlords to keep rents low when affordability expires. In New Orleans we value our culture and traditions and know that without the people who create and maintain them, we lose everything that makes us so unique.

2) Another bill by Sen. Ed Price will ensure we aren’t forced from our homes whenever we face an unexpected medical bill or car breakdown. Senate bill 28 would provide us one opportunity every six months to get current on rent within 10 days, before the courts get involved. As it stands now, landlords can force us from our homes if we’re only one day late or one dollar short.

3) This session HB 422 would let local governments raise their own minimum wages and SB 155 would raise the state minimum wage. There are also equal pay bills like HB 63 and SCR 2 to ratify the federal Equal Rights Amendment.
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