Eviction Court is Open. Now What?

Eviction court in Louisiana has opened back up and is now processing evictions again (as of June 15th,2020). This change has many people whose income is still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic asking what this means for their housing. Landlords can now file eviction for reasons such as non-payment of rent or other lease violations. However, some federally funded properties still cannot evict tenants until after July 25th.

Note: New Orleans judges have said that they are only currently processing evictions filed before March 13th, which was the last day courts were open before the stay-at-home order went into effect.  Evictions filed after March 13th will be processed beginning July 6th.

Check out this flow chart to see if your landlord can now file for an eviction.

can i be evicted during the covid-19 crisis in louisiana? flow chart

Remember, a landlord can only evict you if they go through the court process. If a landlord tries to kick you out before a judge makes a decision on the case, it is an illegal eviction.

For eviction support please call Southeast Louisiana Legal Services’ COVID-19 Hotline at 1-844-244-7871.

To learn more about current events with housing in New Orleans tune into Renters Rights Assembly’s weekly live housing chats at www.facebook.com/neworleansrentersrightsassembly or check out the new Eviction Help Comic!

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