Be a Housing Hero this GiveNOLA Day!

As we get closer to GiveNOLA Day, we would like to remind people what this day is about – taking small actions to ensure our community prospers. Everyone has something to give; every act of generosity counts. Your gift ensures that we can continue to fight for people like Anthony Richards. Mr. Richards was approved for an apartment in Baton Rouge, paid a deposit, and was allowed to move in before his background check came through. After he moved in, a 20-year-old conviction came up on the background check and the property manager informed him that he and his 4-year-old son had to leave their home in three days. LaFHAC’s legal team worked with Mr. Richards to inform his apartment complex about the disparate impact of criminal background screening policies that ban people with convictions. Mr. Richards should not have been penalized because of the property manager’s error, and even without the error, he should have been afforded an opportunity to explain his circumstances after the background check revealed the decades-old conviction.  LaFHAC’s intervention on Mr. Richards’ behalf resulted in his continued access to safe and affordable housing. 

LaFHAC needs your help to continue to combat illegal discrimination! Here are three different ways that you can help us reach our fundraising goals this GiveNOLA Day:

  1. Commit to donating ($10 minimum) to LaFHAC on GiveNOLA Day (May 3rd).
  2. Sign up to be a Campaign Leader! Campaign leaders set smaller fundraising goals for LaFHAC and raise money in advance of and/or on GiveNOLA Day. It’s basically like a Facebook fundraiser but hosted on the GiveNOLA Day website. It’s a great way to spread the word about LaFHAC on social media and reach your own personal fundraising goal. Anyone can be a campaign leader – you might just find you have a knack for fundraising! The deadline to become a Campaign Leader is May 2nd.
  3. Share your story about LaFHAC on social media. Help us spread the word about our fantastic organization. 

We’re counting on your support this year. Thank you, as always, for being part of our community!

Posted by Malcolm Phillipson 04/28/2022and categorized as Blog, Press Releases, Uncategorized