Healthy Homes Enters its Second Phase: Information for Landlords and Tenant Protections

After over a decade of New Orleans’ renters demanding safe and healthy standards for rental properties, the City of New Orleans’ Healthy Homes program became effective on January 1, 2024. All landlords must register their rental properties with the city over the next seven months, and they must verify that their rental properties meet the Minimum Rental Standards, as established by the Healthy Homes Ordinance and passed by the New Orleans City Council in 2022. The Healthy Homes Program is currently accepting applications from housing providers with 4 to 49 units. 

The registration process for landlords will be implemented in phases depending on the number of units on a property:

    Parcels with 50+ dwelling units – Jan. 1, 2024 to Feb. 15, 2024 **Past Due**

    Parcels with 4-49 dwelling units – July 1, 2024 to Aug. 15, 2024 

    Parcels with 1-3 dwelling units – Jan. 1, 2025 to Feb. 15, 2025 

There are no fees imposed for timely registration. However, property owners will be met with late fees, if they fail to register by the dates listed above. 

In addition to registering, landlords must ensure their properties have the following safe and working items: fire and smoke detectors, hot and cold water, unit-wide air conditioning and heating, electrical wiring and outlets, bathtub or shower, toilet, and kitchen sink. Landlords must also ensure their properties are free from mold, major cracks, holes, decay, and pest infestations. Renters are reminded that they may report repairs at any time.

Rental properties must also have a cooling system capable of maintaining a maximum bedroom temperature of 80°F, measured at 3 feet above the floor and 2 feet from exterior walls. 

Renters seeking repairs or to file a complaint for substandard living conditions are reminded that they are only protected from retaliatory evictions if they complete the following: 

  1. Notify landlord(s) of needed repairs in writing (such as text or email) before calling 311. Keep a record of the written request
  2. Document needed repairs in a photo or video
  3. Stay up-to-date on rental payments and follow all the agreements in the lease

Unlike other states, renters in Louisiana cannot withhold rent if landlords do not make repairs. If rent is withheld, landlords have grounds for legal eviction.

Renters in Orleans Parish are also reminded that they have a right to an attorney in Orleans Parish Eviction Court. If you are facing an eviction, call Southeast Louisiana Legal Services at (504) 529-1000 Ext. 223 or Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center at (504) 596-2100.

For more information, landlords can visit the City of New Orleans’ Healthy Homes Program aqui, and tenants can learn more about their protections at LaFHAC’s blog aqui

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